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Book CoverThe day is finally here...after years of writing poetry, short stories and novels...my first book will be published. I can't express the excitement of realizing your purpose and fulfilling that dream.

I began this journey as a consumer of the written word. Incarcerated and trying to find books that would engage my mind and transcend my thoughts to another place. I was discouraged again and again...so I decided to try my hand at writing.

As I wrote and became confident with my skill, I would let the other inmates read my material. My fellow inmates loved it and encouraged me to write more.

Hence a writer was born.

The Black Kiss of Death is the title of my first book and also the first book in a nine book series called The Montega Chronicles. A creative tapestry of people, places and things, The Black Kiss of Death, immediately captures your attention. The story of how one family obtains the American Dream, the wrong way.

In the Black Kiss of Death we are first introduced to the White Family, an organized crime conglomerate headed by Charles White. Charles is ruthless and calculating but falls in love with Pearl, the daughter of Castor, a Colombian drug lord. Their undeniable love and marriage produced a "Diamond", Charles and Pearl's daughter.

Diamond, raised to escape the haunts of criminal activity her family is known for, is smart and a take-charge queen. A natural-born leader amongst other things.

Hold on to your seat and prepare to take an action-packed journey thru the life and times of the White Organization.

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Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Keon Smith is the new up and coming- action packed- love seeking- drama writer of this time. Keon brings forth breathtaking thrillers which includes the Montega Chronicles, the Troublesome Series, and the Assassin Diaries Collection.

With a poetic soul and an artistic mind, Keon has learned to perfect his talent through years of education. Even while incarcerated within his lowest sanity, he never let go of his talents or dreams. In fact, it was through those hard times he found strength and solace, by using the pen as an outlet to share with the world his natural raw talent... his natural gift.

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